Become a member of our farm community and enjoy a plentiful supply of a wide variety of fresh and healthful produce. Our members share an abundant, extended harvest of fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts and honey all from our farm here in Deerfield, New Hampshire. 

 Memberships for the 2020 season are all sold out.

​                                        2020 Memberships 

Full Share = $700 for 20 weeks. 

This quantity of produce is enough for 2 adults and 2 children.

Half Share = $400 for 10 weeks. Half share members pick up the full share of produce, but only every other week.


  • ​​The first harvest is expected to be the first or second weekend in June, always weather dependent.

  • Pick up takes place each week right here at the farm.

     199 Middle Road

     Deerfield, NH 03037

  • We have very long pick-up hours! Anytime Fridays 8AM to 6PM, and Saturdays 8AM to noon. 



​​​​​​​Bee Thankful Farm llc

Community Supported Agriculture

SAVE MONEY by joining! The 2019 FULL SHARE cost was $675 for 20 weeks. For that fee, we provided our members with over $980 worth of top quality, clean and fresh produce! 

                    Covid-19 precautions
    We have a contingency plan in place, that we will use if necessary. Healthy members will come one at a time, at a pre-scheduled time (Everybody would have their own pick up time, and day, within the usual pick up window). You will see no other members when picking up. I and my workers will pick from the coolers ourselves, and have your bags already filled with your produce, waiting in a cleaned cooler outside the building. So folks would just drive by and pick up from it, keeping the farm building assuredly clean. The only person you would see would be me, and I will wave hello from a distance. This procedure seems very safe.